Fundraise for your School or Organization

Let the charm and humor of SCHOOL PLAY raise money—lots of money—for your school or organization by screening the film at your own "Movie Night Fundraising Event". Imagine your school, theatre or organziation raising thousands of dollars from ticket and concession sales... simply by bringing your community together for an entertaining evening of laughter, tears and charm.

Our Fundraising Kit supplies you with everything you need to build an audience, create multiple ways to make money and hold an event that’s as profitable as it is enjoyable.

SCHOOL PLAY's various themes speak to a wide array of audiences, making it a perfect fundraising tool for:

  • PTAs, PTOs and school organizations
  • School Drama Programs
  • Arts Education Awareness
  • Acting and Musical Schools, Camps
  • Local and Regional Theatres

Here's a video that shows an example of how successful a "Move Night Fundraiser Event" can be:



Here’s what you get:

  • 1 full-length Director’s Cut (72 min., NTSC, full Dolby stereo sound)
  • Institutional license for public, community and educational viewing
  • 10 DVDs (licensed for home viewing) for re-sale at the price of your choice
  • 3 24x36 SCHOOL PLAY Posters (can be sold, auctioned or used for publicity)
  • 3 11X17 SCHOOL PLAY Posters (can be sold, auctioned or used for publicity)

And, available via convenient download:

  • Printable Mini-posters (PDF)
  • Printable flyers (MS Word and PDF)
  • Customizable Press Release (MS Word)
  • E-Posters for Newsletters and websites (JPEGs)
  • Complete “Step-by-Step Guide for a Successful School Play Fundraiser” (PDF)

All together a $400 Value... now only $149.95