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Where is it written that watching a documentary has to feel like you’re taking medicine? They’re movies, and we think movies should be entertaining. Audiences nationwide agree; they’ve described School Play as “heartwarming”, “compelling” and “fun”.  And after all: how often do you get to be a fly-on-the-wall during a fifth-grade health class?

BONUS: Order now and you’ll receive a beautiful, full-color School Play poster, designed by award-winning illustrator Tim O’Brien!

Special note for institutions and organizations: These DVDs are programmed so that they may not be viewed without the following warning appearing: "This DVD is licensed for home use only. Use in universities, colleges, schools, public libraries or by any government agency is strictly prohibited. For information about purchasing School Play for educational purposes and to report violations, e-mail: schoolplay@eyepopproductions.com”

Here's what you get:

  • 1 full-length Director’s Cut (72 min., NTSC, full Dolby stereo sound)
  • License for home viewing
  • 1 11x17, full-color School Play poster (limited time only)

A $30 Value, now only  $19.95!